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Majinola Meat | Panama, IA | majinolameats.com
The story of Majinola Meats is a lifetime in the making. Born and raised around Harlan, Iowa, founders Mark and Jill Schmitz have lived their entire lives around cattle and agriculture. Mark began showing cattle in 4-H at a very young age, learning very early the difference between a good and better product. Mark expanded on his knowledge in college, receiving an Agriculture Education degree from Iowa State University, all while breeding and raising Angus beef and continually growing his MTS Cattle cow/calf operation. Throughout his 15 years of cattle breeding experience, Mark gained interest in starting his own Wagyu herd. So with MTS Cattle, Mark began breeding and raising Wagyu. Then together with his wife, Jill, he started a beef packaging business, later naming it Majinola after the first two letters in each family member's name – Mark, Jill, Noah, and Lauren.  In early 2010, a new family member was added: William Jack.  Today, Mark and Jill own and operate Majinola Meats from their home in Panama, Iowa.

Bloomsorganic | Crescent, IA
Bloomsorganic is a family business located just outside Crescent, Iowa, farmed by Rebecca Bloom, with help from her husband, Brent, and sons, Alex and Eli.  They are USDA Certified Organic with Iowa Department of Agriculture. The farm produces  berry fruits, culinary herbs, and a large variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, greens, and root crops.   They like to grow heritage and heirloom varieties whenever possible. Bloomsorganic also grows flowers and food garden plants.  They market their products through various local markets, restaurants, and community supported agriculture. 

TD Niche Pork| Elk Creek, NE
TD Niche Pork is located 75 miles south of Omaha in Johnson County Nebraska, near Elk Creek.  Travis Dunekacke (pronounced doon-UH-khaki) began his niche pork business in 2007 specifically to produce consistently delicious pork for both restaurants and individuals in Nebraska.  This is accomplished by using breeds of pork with outstanding meat quality.  The product is further enhanced by raising hogs in an outdoor, fresh air environment, giving them ample room to exercise, root, and socialize.  The hogs are fed locally produced grains supplemented with the appropriate vitamins and minerals for their age and weight.  Providing a clean growing environment has made antibiotics unnecessary on Dunekacke’s farm.  A lifelong “farm kid,” Travis is happy to be raising hogs on Southeast Nebraska land that has been in his family for 60 years.  Travis raises a variety of Heritage breeds including Berkshire, Duroc Gloucestershire Old Spot, Hereford, Large Black, Mulefoot, Red Wattle, or Tamworth.

Blue Valley Aquaculture| Sutton, NE | bluevalleyfish.com
Blue Valley Aquaculture (BVA) is a family-owned business established in 1999. The farmstead was purchased with the dream of raising fish. Blue Valley sits atop the eastern portion of the Ogallala Aquifer. It provides some of the cleanest water available and is the source of the clear, cold water we use at Blue Valley. They make wise use of this valuable natural resource by raising three different crops. The water first passes through a series of raceways at its natural 52 degrees, perfect for raising Donaldson Steelhead variety. The water then flows outside where it is used in pond culture systems to raise Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass and Hybrid Bluegill. Any excess water is also used to irrigate the cropland surrounding our farm. At Blue Valley, they believe in giving back to the land that supports them.

Blacksheep Farms | Bennington, NE | blacksheepfarms.com
Black Sheep Farms is a chemical-free family farm operated by Brian and Kelly Smith.  They are sometimes assisted by our three boys, Sam, Jack and Comet. Black Sheep Farms grows heirloom vegetables and specialty cut flowers in Bennington, NE, near Omaha. Our products are available through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and an on-farm store. Brian contributes articles to periodicals and speaks about local food issues, rural/urban dynamics and farming as a profession. Clients have included The Nature Conservancy, chapters of The Sierra Club and Slow Food groups.

Honey Creek Creamery| Honey Creek, IA | honeycreekcreamery.com
Honey Creek Creamery is a certified goat dairy located in the Loess Hills  just 10 miles from the Omaha/ Council Bluffs area.   The dairy was formed in 2010 and welcomes tours and cheese tasting at the renovated bunkhouse on the century farm.  Artisan farmstead cheese is crafted by owner, Sharon Oamek, with alfalfa grown by her husband, George, and goat tending and tours by her daughter, Paige.  Honey Creek Creamery aims to create a fresh, lively cheese with a smooth and creamy finish to serve local foodies.  The cheese is a welcome addition to menu items from appetizers to desserts.

George Paul Vinegar | Cody, NE | georgepaulvinegar.com
George Paul Vinegar is the culmination of nearly a decade of hard work, patience, and perseverance by the Johnson family - George and Karen and their three children Eric, Adam, and Emily.  They wanted their vinegar operation to be as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible, so they embraced strawbale construction. Primarily designed by Emily and built by their family, friends, and neighbors, it is beautiful. They broke ground in May of 2007. The passive solar design and thick bale walls keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The vaulted ceiling in the processing room and stucco finish make it a truly warm and pleasant place to work. Beginning in 2008, their acetobacter cultures started their slow work of turning wines into vinegar. Their first bottled vinegars made with 100% Nebraska fruit were available at our Open House in October 2009.

Fertile Ground Farms | Washington County, NE
Established in 2000, Fertile Ground Farms (FGF) is a small, family owned & operated farm that lies far-and-away in the rolling hills of Washington County North-West of Blair, Nebraska.  FGF specializes in organically grown heirloom produce.  Sustainability is their ultimate and underlying goal. They feed the soil that feeds the plants that feed you — it's that simple. What they grow also feeds their own family, so great care is taken in how the food is produced.  No chemicals, artificial fertilizers or GMO's are ever used on our farm.  We are a resource of fresh and tasty fruits & vegetables from sustainable sources grown the old-fashioned way.......sun, soil and water!

Rhizosphere Farm | Waterloo, NE | rhizospherefarm.com
Rhizosphere Farm is inspired by a love of good, locally food grown in a conscious and sustainable way. Their emphasis is on naturally grown (certified) and heirloom varieties. This is their second season and they are so excited to be a part of the Omaha community. They have been farming with organic farms for the last six years and have been fortunate to realize the farm in the area where they grew up.  They look forward to sharing their experience and vegetables with you.

Bedford Gardens | Omaha, NE
Urban farming at its finest! Local, fresh heirloom vegetables and herbs right in the heart of Benson in Omaha.

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