Seasonally-driven modern cuisine in America’s heartland.

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Who we are

Seasonally-driven, contemporary cuisine from locally-grown produce and livestock. The life-cycle of food begins even before the seed and should always end with an emotional connection. Understanding the journey to the plate evokes a deeper appreciation and respect for the meals we share. We seek to inspire and elevate the way Omaha thinks about food through culinary excellence, the promotion of local foods and growers, and a commitment to community.



The Grey Plume focuses on seasonally-driven contemporary American cuisine that places great emphasis on locally-grown produce and livestock. With a purposive menu and progressive initiatives, it has become a cornerstone for the local food movement.


We are excited to share that we are a Smart Catch Leader for 2019! Ask about our commitment to sustainable sourcing when you come in next, and learn more about the Smart Catch program here.


We believe…

Good food only comes from good places, sustainable practices and the belief that nourishment and taste are only two aspects of food. The Grey Plume opened as the greenest restaurant in the country, a nod to our dedication of being responsible stewards of the earth. The Grey Plume works in partnership with The Green Restaurant Association and is the first and only Certified Green Restaurant in Nebraska.